AGRI Trading Services was established to provide specialised supply and off-take management to the oilseeds industry. Through excellent service and customer demand, this has evolved into the supply chain management of numerous commodities. We endeavour to bring the farmer to the crusher and the crusher to the feed mill. Adding value throughout the chain: “Farmer to Feed Mill”.

From Farmer to Feed Mill

Premier supplier of agricultural products to animal feed companies

The AGRI Leruo group of companies offers trading and supply services to the primary and secondary agricultural markets as well as various coal products.

We manage the entire supply chain of agricultural products. We purchase from farmers, handle storage and beneficiation of produce, and supply to animal feed companies and milling companies at best quality, best prices and maximum efficiency.

We also operate in minerals trading, specialising in run of mine (ROM). We offer crushed and washed coal products to both local coal buyers and the export market.


Agricultural commodities supply chain and risk management

Trading in ROM to beneficiated, washed coal contracts

Soybean processing for protein sources and animal feed

Maize milling and silo storage

Specialised transport services across Southern Africa


November 2014

  • Nov – Paul Hugo establishes AGRI Trading Services


August – November 2015

  • August 2015 – Opening of the Durban office September 2015 – Volume of trade reaches 500 000 metric tons
  • November 2015 – Purchase 2x UD 450 trucks with trailers


April – December 2016

  • April 2016 – R1 billion turnover April 2016 – AGRI Trading acquires shares in DRAK Oil Mills in Winterton
  • August 2016 – R 3 billion turnover
  • September 2016 – purchase 1x UD 450 truck with trailer
  • October 2016 – purchase 1x UD 450 truck with trailer
  • November 2016 – Purchase 2x UD 450 trucks with trailers
  • December 2016 – purchase 1x UD 450 truck with trailer


January – November 2017

  • January 2017 – DRAK Oil Mills becomes AGRI Oil Mills (Pty) Ltd when AGRI Trading Services acquires a majority shareholding
  • March 2017 – purchase 5x UD 490 trucks with trailers
  • November 2017 – Volume of trade reaches 1m metric tons with a turnover of R 5 billion


March 2018 – September 2018

  • March – AGRI Diminerale is established as a specialized minerals trading desk April – AGRI Oil Mills completes upgrade from entry level crushing operation to specialized corporate crushing plant.
  • July – AGRI Nutrient acquires a maize milling plant and silo complex in Swartberg KZN July – AGRI Diminerale acquires a crushing and screening plant in Witbank
  • September – the volume of trade reaches 1.7 m metric tons with a turnover of R 7.6 billion
  • September – AGRI Fleet is established and buys 15x MAN trucks and trailers
  • September – AGRI Diminerale acquires a turnkey minerals washing plant in Witbank
  • September – AGRI Trading Services office opens in Wesselsbron FS

Our Products



Supply of best quality agricultural produce for animal feed production

  • Local and imported soybean meal
  • Local sunflower cake and imported sun pellets
  • Hominy chop
  • Wheaten bran


Supplying oilseeds for crushers and millers

  • Soybeans
  • Sunflower seeds

Agricultural Commodities

We supply other soft commodities

  • Local and imported wheat
  • White and yellow maize
  • Imported corn

Various fertilizers

We supply a range of solid fertilizers and nutrients for agricultural and feedstock use.

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